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'Transgender person assaulted in Amsterdam subway'

A transgender person was assaulted in broad daylight in the Amsterdam subway on Saturday afternoon, April 25. This was reported by daily newspaper De Telegraaf on April 28. TNN and COC speak of a horrific incident and want the cabinet to take measures against anti-LHBTI violence.

"It seems that in a short period of time people have been attacked again for being who they are, and that's just awful," TNN president Brand Berghouwer and COC president Astrid Oosenbrug responded. "At Easter it was the two gay men walking hand and hand and now this trans person in the subway. This has to stop, the cabinet has to take measures."

TNN and COC are seeking contact with the victim to offer support.

The trans person was assaulted by three men aged 18 to 20 at Amsterdam's Duivendrecht metro station on Saturday, April 25, De Telegraaf reported. An eyewitness sitting in the rear section of subway line 50 saw a person hurriedly enter the subway at Duivendrecht station. Then three young men entered the subway. 'They went after the trans person and gave him a rock hard kick, after which he tried to run towards the driver. The three young men yelled at her. She was crying and speaking in English that the trio would like to kill her. It was a terrible assault," the eyewitness said.

In the subway, the witness called the police. At Sneevlietweg station, the subway stopped and police were present there. With the help of a bystander, the police managed to arrest the three suspects.

Earlier this month, and others reported on a (transgender) woman who was assaulted by a man with a belt at Prinsenlaan subway station in Rotterdam on Monday, April 6. The victim had accosted the man after he spat on the ground several times in front of her feet. TNN is in contact with the woman and is offering support. Police are still searching for the perpetrator.

In the Netherlands, about seven in 10 LGBT people experience physical verbal violence for who they are in their lifetime. Violence rates against transgender people are much higher than among the average population, according to the study Everywhere on Your Guard by TNN.

Among other things, COC and TNN want Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus (Security) to appoint police officers who specialize in tackling discrimination, to ensure more support for Pink in Blue police teams and for mandatory attention at police academies to tackling discrimination. More and better attention should be paid to LGBT acceptance in schools.

[Source: COC NL/TNN - Photo Duivendrecht Station: CC-Djakkare]

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