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Presentation labor conditions rainbow families

Thursday, Jan. 14, More Than Desired will give an online presentation on the possibilities for broadening terms of employment within companies to benefit rainbow families.

Unfortunately, for several family forms, the actual situation is not (or only after a long time) the same as the legal situation. This mainly concerns rainbow families, but also other families (for example, in the case of surrogacy or adoption).

As a result, parents who actually do care for a child (but are not/not yet the official legal parent) are not eligible for arrangements such as partner leave, parental leave, care leave, calamity leave, etc. Think for example of a third parent who cannot acknowledge the child because there are already two legal parents or a gay father who cannot yet adopt his child born thanks to surrogacy because it takes time. Officially, you don't get leave then.

Companies can do something about it themselves. HEMA already did this last year. They still give parents who work at Hema and are not entitled to spousal leave because of their family form that leave.

Usually companies are not at all aware of what is lacking and are very willing to be "rainbow friendly" and take this up, but someone has to bring it up with the right people. The situation has also changed since the introduction of spousal leave on July 1, 2020.

Hopefully many companies will follow in HEMA's footsteps! Your help is of great importance! More than Wanted is therefore giving an (online) presentation on this for HRM employees, union people, rainbow business networks etc. etc. Everyone who wants to know more about this is welcome to attend the presentation. Even if you do not work in an HRM department, you can attend this presentation and try to bring things to the company where you work.

Board member Sara Coster will explain on behalf of More Than Wanted what is wrong with the leave arrangements for 'other family types' and she will give tips on what you yourself can try to do within your company. Someone from HEMA will be present, two board members of More Than Wanted and Nicoline Grijmans-Veenendaal, a lawyer specializing in family law, as well as people from companies where this regulation is being worked on.

Hopefully many people will attend this online meeting and then raise the relevant issues with their HRM departments. You can make the difference!

The online session will be given on Thursday, January 14, 2021 from noon to 1 p.m. You can register with MdG board member Sara Coster at [email protected].

[Source: More Than Desired - Photo Multi-Parent Family: Janus van den Eijnden for COC NL]

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