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COC crowns new generation of activists and role models on 75th anniversary

COC Netherlands will crown a new generation of LGBT activists and role models on its 75th anniversary on Tuesday, December 7. With these Stars of the Future, the organization aims to work in the coming decades for a world where everyone is free to be themselves.

The Stars go to Nikkie de Jager (aka NikkieTutorials), creators of the series Anne+, Naomie Pieter, Splinter Chabot, Nanoah Struik, BeyonG Veldkamp, Thorn Roos de Vries, Haroon Ali, Raven van Dorst and Nazmul Rahman-Zaman.

The ten Bob Angelo Stars of the Future will be awarded by COC President Astrid Oosenbrug and Director Marie Ricardo at the COC anniversary to promising young people who have already meant a lot to the rainbow community in a short period of time. The Stars are named after Bob Angelo, the alias of Niek Engelschman who founded the COC in 1946.

COC presents the awards at Amsterdam's Krasnapolsky Hotel, where the organization was founded 75 years earlier - on Dec. 7, 1946. COC Netherlands is the oldest existing LGBT organization in the world. Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Emancipation) congratulates the winners and COC on behalf of the government with a special video message.

The ten winners are:

  • Nikkie de Jager (aka NikkieTutorials) - Who, with her social media platform of more than 13 million followers, has made a huge impact on the representation and empowerment of trans people in the Netherlands and around the world. She is a beloved role model for LGBT youth and also advocates for the LGBT community at the UN.
  • Anne+ - the creators of Anne+ - Maud Wiemeijer, Valerie Bisscheroux and Hanna van Vliet - wanted more queer and lesbian role models in films and series, which they succeeded in doing with the internationally highly popular and award-winning series and film Anne+.
  • Naomie Pieter - dedicates herself with vigor and energy to the rainbow community and against racism, including as co-founder of the Black Queer Archives and Black Queer & Trans Resistance Netherlands. She is one of the faces of anti-racism protests in the Netherlands, former board member of COC Amsterdam and initiator of Black Pride.
  • Splinter Chabot - mouthpiece and role model for LGBT youth, thanks in part to his books Confettiregen and Roze Brieven.
  • Nanoah Struik - activist and role model for non-binary people, was one of the first people in the Netherlands to get an X in their passport.
  • BeyonG Veldkamp - activist for trans people and LGBT people of color. BeyonG is an initiator and "mother" of numerous initiatives in this area, and was the face of program Love me Gender.
  • Thorn Roos de Vries - (aka Thorn Vineyard) as an actor (SpangaS) and well-known Instagrammer a role model and activist for non-binary individuals nationwide.
  • Haroon Ali - role model for bicultural LGBT persons, thanks in part to his book Half about his bicultural background and sexual orientation. Made a wonderful series for the Volkskrant about the diversity of the rainbow community.
  • Raven van Dorst - as a program maker, TV personality and openly intersex person, makes short work of stereotypes about "masculinity" and "femininity" in a witty and completely unique way.
  • Nazmul Rahman - conceived with the COC Purple Friday, the day for acceptance at school that now involves half a million students in 2,500 schools (this year on Dec. 10)

COC president Astrid Oosenbrug calls it great that once again a generation of frontrunners is rising up to challenge oppressive norms about gender and sexuality, stand up against discrimination and advocate for the community.

'Together with them a whole lot of other passionate people, we will continue to work in the coming decades for a diverse and inclusive world where everyone can be themselves, no matter what your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or gender characteristics are,' Oosenbrug said.

The Bob Angelo Stars of the Future trophy was designed by artist Sioejeng Tsao, himself queer with a bicultural background.

Bron: COC
Beeld: Artist impression van de Bob Angelo Sterren van de Toekomst, zoals ontworpen door kunstenaar Sioejeng Tsao (COC/Sioejeng Tsao).