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COC launches LGBT voting guide for municipal elections

Regional COC associations and COC Netherlands launch on Feb. 25 Rainbowvote.NU, the election guide for the LHBTI community. There you can read what municipal parties think about LGBT issues in the run-up to the municipal elections on March 16. A record number of parties are participating in the guide.

On Rainbowvote.NU you can read, for example, how municipal parties plan to address violence and discrimination against LGBT persons, how they plan to promote acceptance in schools and whether they plan to support potentially vulnerable groups such as LGBT elderly, asylum seekers and homeless LGBT persons.

Gender-inclusive toilets

You can also read what parties think about issues such as rainbow pedestrian crossings, men's meeting places and gender-inclusive toilets at City Hall.

Furthermore, parties present their rainbow candidates: people who are themselves LGBT and/or who are particularly committed to the LGBT community.

For much of the LGBT community, LGBT issues play a role in their choice at the voting booth. A survey by OUTtv shows that nine in ten (87%) LGBT people in the Netherlands consider this important.

Record number

A record number of over 500 municipal political parties from 200 municipalities are participating in Rainbowvote.NU in this election. In the 2018 municipal elections, there were over 300 parties from 126 municipalities. Thus, there is an increase of about 60 percent.  

Most entries on Rainbowvote.NU come from local parties (84 entries on Rainbowvote), followed by GroenLinks (80 entries), D66 (76), VVD (70) and PvdA (67). New parties and party combinations are also participating, such as Volt (5), Bij1 (5) and the PvdA/GreenLeft combination (14). Thirty local CDA branches are participating, in 24 municipalities the SP is participating and there are also 12 entries from the Christian Union.

Amsterdam presents the most parties (12) on Rainbowvote.NU. The capital is followed by The Hague, Enschede, Rotterdam and Utrecht with 10 participating parties each, and Eindhoven, Maastricht, Zaanstad and Zwolle with 8 participating parties each.

With Rainbowvote.NU, voters who care about LGBT issues can make an informed choice in the March 16 municipal elections. COC offers parties a platform to present their positions and candidates. When a party does not appear on Rainbowvote.NU, it is because that party did not submit a participation form. In principle, participation in Rainbowvote.NU is still possible.

Rainbowvote.NU is the result of cooperation between the 20 regional COC associations, COC Netherlands and knowledge center Movisie.