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Support ban on 'LGBT healing'

Recently, six political parties presented a proposal to ban so-called "LGBT healing. We welcome such a ban. You can support the ban proposal by submitting a letter before March 28. Below you can read how, and find a sample letter.

On Feb. 14, D66, VVD, PvdA, GroenLinks, SP and Partij voor de Dieren presented a bill to ban so-called LGBT healing - or: conversion acts. Together with organizations of believing LGBT people, such as LKP and Maruf, we have long advocated for such a ban. We are pleased that the six parties are now coming up with a proposal and support the proposal with a letter.

Because as our president Astrid Oosenbrug says, "being yourself is not a disease, don't ever let anyone tell you that you have to be 'cured' of it. LGBT cure is a myth, people are dying of it. You are good the way you are."

There are at least 15 providers of conversion acts in the Netherlands. According to foreign research, 3 to 5 percent of the LGBT community experiences them. There is no valid research showing that so-called "conversion acts" can change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity. However, studies do consistently show how much damage this quackery does, from years of depression to suicidal thoughts.

A petition for a ban by activist Jacques Zonne was signed more than 5,000 times in a short time.

Send a letter yourself and support the ban!

Do you agree that there should be a ban on conversion acts? You can support the ban with a letter. The six parties are organizing an Internet consultation in the coming weeks to hear what people think of the proposal. You can upload your letter HERE; you can find more information HERE. Send your letter before March 28, because then the consultation closes.

You can, of course, write exactly what you want. For inspiration, you will find a sample letter below. In it we also list some examples of points that could be improved.


Dear promoters,

How good that you are introducing a bill to ban so-called "LGBT healing" - or conversion acts. I hereby express my support for such a ban.

I find it terrible that this kind of quackery still occurs in the Netherlands. Being yourself is not a disease, you are good the way you are.

"LGBT healing" is a myth. There is, of course, no sound research showing that so-called conversion acts can change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. However, research does consistently show how much damage conversion acts do, from years of depression to suicidal thoughts.

I am for the broadest possible ban that actually and permanently protects victims. Therefore, I hope you will expand the proposal even further. For example, by ensuring that it also applies without conditions to acts of conversion against victims aged 18 and older. And by ensuring a longer limitation period than 6 years, so that victims who understandably take a long time to process what has been done to them can also still appeal to the ban.

Thank you so much for your commitment to ending "LGBT healing"!



COC NL - Photo: SPLC