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COC launches voter guide for Provincial States

COC launches Rainbowvote.NU, the LGBT+ voter guide for the March 15 Provincial Council elections. With Rainbowvote, you can make an informed choice if you care about LGBT+ issues.

On Rainbowvote.NU you can find positions of provincial political parties on LGBT+ issues. Parties also tell you what they plan to do for our community in the near future and you can find profiles of "rainbow candidates. Research shows that more than 80% of the rainbow community considers LGBT+ issues when making their choice in the voting booth.

Provincial parties give their opinions on Rainbowvote.NU on issues such as tackling violence against LGBT+ people, promoting LGBT+ acceptance in schools and tackling intersectional discrimination for reasons such as gender identity and skin color. You can also read on Rainbowvote what parties think about men's meeting places along provincial roads and gender-inclusive toilets.

More than eighty provincial political parties recently submitted their positions on LGBT+ issues to Rainbowvote.NU. COC received the most submissions from Gelderland (13 parties) and South Holland (9 parties).

Rainbowvote.NU also features profiles of "rainbow candidates. These are politicians who themselves are LGBT+ and/or wish to expressly advocate for the rainbow community in the coming years. In total, more than 150 rainbow candidates posted a profile on Rainbowvote.NU, an increase of almost a quarter since the 2019 Provincial Council elections.

Regional COCs are also organizing other activities around the provincial elections. For example, on February 24 there will be a Gelderland Regenboogdebat in Ede, organized by COC Midden-Gelderland, COC Regio Nijmegen and COC Twente-Achterhoek. The regional COCs are also working with political parties and other organizations on provincial rainbow agreements.

First Chamber

Although the Upper House is not directly up for election in the State elections on March 15, these elections do determine the composition of the Upper House and thus the national balance of power. This is because the Provincial Councils elect the members of the Senate.

For example, Senate relations were key in the Senate's recent decision to enshrine rights of LGBT+ persons and people with disabilities in the Constitution.

On Rainbowvote.NU voters will therefore also find positions and candidates of parties for the Senate. COC received submissions for the Senate elections from GroenLinks, D66, PvdA, Party for the Animals and Volt.

Rainbowvote in the Provincial Council elections is an initiative of the regional COCs and COC Netherlands.