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Bob Angelo was the pseudonym of Niek Engelschman: resistance fighter during World War II, actor and activist for our community. Niek Engelschman lived from 1913 to 1988, and was founder of the magazine Levensrecht (1940) and the Shakespear Club (1946), from which the COC emerged in 1949. For many years he was the face of the COC. In 1986 he was knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau. You may recognize his name from more places: the bridge over Keizersgracht near the Gay Monument on Westermarkt in Amsterdam and an avenue in Nijmegen also bear his name.

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In tribute to Niek Engelschman, Bob Angelo, we established the Bob Angelo Fund and the Bob Angelo Medal.
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COC's Bob Angelo Fund

With COC's Bob Angelo Fund, we continue to encourage encounters. With a financial contribution, the Fund supports small-scale initiatives aimed at meeting and accepting lhbti+ persons.. To make sure this remains possible, we need your support! Large or small financial contributions - everything helps.

Thanks to the Bob Angelo Fund:

Did lhbti+ asylum seekers experience Pride in Amsterdam for the first time

Meet lhbti+ persons with disabilities at Rural Soos Day

Could Aruba host an evening for lesbian women

Two neighbors jointly organized an lhbti+ neighborhood get-together

Did the Transpub Quiz bring transgender people and their friends together

Did activists from Eastern Europe and Nijmegen walk the Marches together


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Make a financial contribution yourself?

Gladly! Financial contributions to the Bob Angelo Fund allow us to support many fun and special initiatives.

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"Bringing people together makes you feel like you're not alone. People together can change the world."

Bob Angelo

Bob Angelo Penning

The Bob Angelo Medal was established by the COC in 1991. As a tribute to Bob Angelo, and to annually honor individuals, groups or organizations that have made outstanding national or international contributions to the emancipation of lhbti+ persons.

Since 1998, the Bob Angelo Medal has been awarded to individuals and/or organizations that have made outstanding achievements in promoting lhbti+ emancipation.

Curious about everyone who has received a Bob Angelo Medal?

Read more here:

Management and accountability

The administration lies with us, COC Netherlands. An independent accountant audits the administration.

An overview of initiatives made possible in part by the Bob Angelo Fund:

The Fite Qlub

The Colourful Pride Netherlands Foundation organized kickboxing classes for lhbti+ persons in a safe environment with The Fite Qlub. The trainers themselves were queer professionals of color, and used basic techniques to teach how to defend yourself.

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Ace games afternoon

To celebrate Ace Week, the Dutch Organization for Asexuality (NOA) organized a game afternoon with 20 participants. For people in the asexual community it is often still difficult to meet each other offline. The reactions showed that participants therefore enjoyed getting to know each other this afternoon!

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Read aloud afternoon

Unboxed organized reading afternoons together with the Bob Angelo Fund. Children were read from Donnie by a real drag queen. The children could ask questions after the reading and the drag queen herself started a conversation with the audience. The result? Fun, funny and special conversations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign someone up for a Bob Angelo Medal?

The board of COC Netherlands chooses the winners of the Bob Angelo Penning. Suggestions are of course always welcome, you can email this to [email protected].

I am not from an organization or foundation, can I also apply for a Bob Angelo Fund?

Yes! You can also apply as an individual without a foundation, association or company. If we approve your application, we can also transfer our contribution to a private account.

I didn't receive funding at first, but modified the initiative. May I resubmit the application?

Yes, you may. However, we would advise you to take a good look at the terms and conditions of our fund before sending in a modified version.

I am not getting funding, and would like to know why.

First of all: annoyed that your application was rejected! Unfortunately, we have limited capacity and cannot provide extensive responses to rejections. Usually you will receive a brief explanation of your rejection, and that is all. We do encourage everyone to apply again! The fact that we reject your application does not automatically mean that we think it is a bad idea, but that it may not (yet) fit in well with our fund. Therefore, we advise you to submit your application elsewhere first, or to see how it can fit in more. For example, there is the Trut Fund and the PANN Foundation. But also funds like the Oranje Fonds, Fonds21 and the VSBfonds are parties that might be interesting for your initiative!

Can I make multiple applications per year to the Bob Angelo Fund?

We prefer to support activities once a year per applicant. Our resources are limited, so we don't really give more than one commitment per year. But we sometimes make exceptions. Send us an email, and we can look into it together.

Can I also get financing for larger projects?

Unfortunately, from the COC and the Bob Angelo Fund, we only support small-scale events, and there is really no room for larger projects. We get a lot of requests, so we ask anyone with larger projects not to message the Bob Angelo Fund. This way we have more attention for the small initiatives! Fortunately, there are many other funds that do support larger lhbti+ initiatives. For example, there is the Trut Fund, PANN Fund and the Blue Fund. But also general funds like the Oranje Fonds, Fonds21 and the VSBfonds are parties that might be interesting for your initiative!

What exactly is the link between the Bob Angelo Fund and COC Netherlands?

The Bob Angelo Fund is a fund managed entirely by COC Netherlands. COC Nederland also makes sure the fund is filled and judges the applications. Everyone is welcome to apply, including non-COC organizations and you do not have to be a member of the COC (but you can!).

Is your question not listed?

We are happy to help you! Contact us here.

Don't meet the Bob Angelo Fund criteria? Here are some other options:

Trut Fund

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Pann fund

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The Blue Fund

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