One federation-wide Code of Good Conduct applies at COC Netherlands and its member COC associations and Expreszo.

The Code of Good Conduct includes:

  1. Rules of manners - see below
  2. Team Confidential Advisors
  3. Report Protocol
  4. Independent Complaints Committee

By doing so, we want to promote good behavior and provide a safe place for everyone.

Rules of manners at the COC

The COC provides a safe place for everyone: visitors, participants, volunteers, staff. This includes treating each other with respect, collegiality, integrity and a focus on positive, responsible cooperation. Therefore, we have the following rules for everyone:

  1. I accept and respect everyone and do not discriminate against anyone. Everyone counts within the association.
  2. I make no assumptions about anyone's sexual orientation or gender identity.
  3. I take into account the boundaries that the other person indicates.
  4. I don't bother the other person.
  5. I do not harm the other person.
  6. I do not swear or make mean jokes or comments about others.
  7. I treat others' information confidentially.
  8. I don't ignore the other person.
  9. I do not participate in bullying, making fun of or gossiping.
  10. I don't fight, I don't use violence, I don't threaten the other person.
  11. I do not get too close unwanted and do not touch the other person against their will.
  12. I do not give the other person unwanted sexual attention.
  13. I do not ask inappropriate questions or make unwelcome comments about anyone's personal life or appearance.
  14. I set my own limits and address those who cross my limits.
  15. I help others to also keep these agreements and address those who do not keep them.
  16. I do not abuse my position of power in any way.
  17. I handle the association's resources responsibly.


You can contact a COC Netherlands confidential advisor at 020-6234596 or [email protected].[Note: for a confidential conversation about sexual orientation and gender identity, please contact Switchboard].

Independent Complaints Committee

Do you have a complaint? Please contact the complaint committee at [email protected]

We have an English translation available: Code of Good Conduct

Nous avons une traduction française disponible: Code de Bonne Conduite