On this page you will find the annual reports, annual accounts, strategic framework and statutes of COC Netherlands.

Annual Report & Accounts:

Public annual reports of COC Netherlands can be downloaded by clicking on the illustration of the relevant annual report below or the year numbers below it. The most recent Annual Report 2022 was adopted and approved by the General Assembly, the highest body of the federation COC Netherlands, on June 24, 2023. Discharge was also granted to the board on the over all policy.

Annual Report 2022

Older annual reports:

  coc-nl-jaarverslag-2015 COC NL Annual Report 2014 COC annual report 2012 COC NL Annual Report 2014 b

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Financial statements:

COC Annual Report 2010

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Strategic framework 2023-2027

In the strategic framework for the period 2023 to 2027, posted below, you will find information about the goals COC Netherlands is pursuing and how we will work toward them during this 5-year period.



The statutes of the federation COC Netherlands were last amended in 2017. You can find them below as a PDF document.
You will also find below the directorship regulations for the Federation COC Netherlands, adopted on November 10, 2020,




COC Netherlands and its subsidiary foundations are classified by the tax authorities as charitable institutions.

COC Netherlands is designated by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI) and is registered under number: 0041.63.84

9 (RSIN).


COC Netherlands is an Approved Charity.

Compensation Policy:

For its remuneration policy of management and employees, COC Nederland follows the collective agreement "Welzijn en Zorg" (welfare and care). The income of the management, which is published in the annual accounts, is much lower than that of a minister.
Directors may be reimbursed for expenses they have incurred, provided this is reasonable and fair. The chairman receives an attendance fee for her work that is not excessive. The amount of the fee is published in the financial statements.

COC Netherlands further observes the following guidelines:

  • SGFB Code of Good Governance
  • Directive 650 and recommendation on application of Directive 650 Cost allocation management and administration
  • Regulation on remuneration of directors of Charities
  • Charitable financial management guideline

Quality Management Policy:

For information on that, click HERE.