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Fortunately, most lhbti+ over 50 have a nice life and a good circle of friends. Yet there are relatively many older lhbti+ persons who suffer from loneliness. This may be because, for example, they do not always have children to fall back on. In (elderly) care and welfare institutions, lhbti+ persons are often invisible. Sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics are not always easy to discuss there, and staff do not always have an eye for lhbti+ persons. This sometimes leads to harassment. It can even prevent people from going back into the closet. With projects like the Pink Carpet we make sure that every lhbti+ person - regardless of age - is seen and feels safe.  

What can I do?
COC member Marjet of Roze50+ advocates for pink over-50s

Here's how COC is making a difference

We support people who work to improve the quality of life and well-being of people over the age of 50. We do this, for example, with the Roze Loper scan for (elderly) care institutions. The Roze Loper is an official hallmark that is only awarded to care and welfare institutions that promote social acceptance and inclusion of lhbti+ persons. In addition, we support our close-knit network of pink 50+ ambassadors. They make their voices heard in the media, healthcare and other places. In this way they ensure visibility of the older lhbti+ community. Because without visibility no acceptance.

We do this work together with ANBO - the advocacy organization for the elderly - in the Roze50+ foundation.

Here's why attention is so important

Fortunately, older lhbti+ persons are regularly welcomed with open arms, in care or other places. But they may still face ignorance, rejection or even discrimination from staff or fellow residents. Pink elderly people are often invisible; people think that "it doesn't happen or simply don't pay attention to it. For example, only one in ten caregivers say there is a focus on pink seniors in their care facility.

Therefore, quite a few older lhbti+ persons fear harassment, negative reactions and lack of knowledge from fellow residents and care staff. Sometimes they put away the photo of their deceased loved one when the home care worker comes by, or say it's "a friend. Almost a third of older lhbti+ persons are never open about their identity.  

Time for change, then.

COC member Lenie advocates for pink lhbti+ seniors
COC members advocate for pink lhbti+ seniors
COC has already accomplished this

Fortunately, we are seeing more and more change. For example, more than 200 elderly care facilities already received our Roze Loper hallmark. This shows that their institution stands for lhbti+ friendly care. On thousands of pink 50+ people find activities, information and opportunities to meet each other. Together with more than a hundred Roze 50+ ambassadors, we are thus committed to older lhbti+ persons, making pink elderly people visible in both the media, healthcare and other places.

But we are not there yet!

'We're starting the conversation about pink seniors'

Marjet Bos of Roze 50+, the partnership of ANBO and COC.

COC member Marjet dedicates herself to Pink lhbti+ seniors with Roze50+

What can I do?

Logo for Roze50plus. Pink 50+ community is here for queer seniors.

Join the Pink 50+ community

Are you looking for information, activities and opportunities to meet each other as a pink 50+ person? Then join our Roze 50+ community! Learn more at 

Check out the website here
Pink Carpet logo. Roze loper is an official seal of approval for health and welfare organizations working toward social acceptance and inclusion of lhbti+ persons.

Request a Pink Carpet

The Roze Loper is an official seal of approval for health and welfare institutions. Institutions with a Roze Loper seal of approval work on social acceptance and inclusion of lhbti+ persons. Want to apply for a Roze Loper?

Go to
Logo for Roze50plus. Pink 50+ community is here for queer seniors.

Sign up to be a Pink 50+ ambassador

Pink 50+ ambassadors actively advocate on behalf of older lhbti+ persons throughout the Netherlands in numerous areas. They are essential to increase the visibility and acceptance of pink 50+ people in society and healthcare. You too can become a Roze 50+ ambassador!

Signing up as an ambassador

Important news and publications

COC member Marjet dedicates herself to Pink lhbti+ seniors with Roze50+

'We're starting the conversation about pink seniors'

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Pink Carpet certificate?

Read the information at and sign up on the website. We will then contact you.

I have come out of the closet as a person over 50. How do I talk about it with those around me?

Coming out of the closet later in life can be a profound event for yourself and those around you. Talking about it with people who have been through the same thing can help. Volunteers from Switchboard offer a listening ear and you can meet like-minded people in the Roze 50+ groups we organize:

You can also meet people who identify with your situation at

I am looking for lhbti+ elders for my research as a student, can you help me get contacts?

We can post a call for you on social media, contact [email protected] to do so.

I would like to organize a class for care and welfare students about lhbti+ older people, can you help with this?

Our Pink 50+ ambassadors are happy to provide a guest lesson to students about lhbti+ elderly and lhbti friendly working in care and welfare. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

I would like to organize something for Pink 50+ people. Can I get your help with that?

Yes, we would love to hear about your initiative at [email protected] and support where possible. For example, by putting you in touch with the ambassador in your region.

I would like to organize an information session at my healthcare facility. How can I do that?

Pink50+ ambassadors are experienced educators and would be happy to provide education or training at your healthcare facility to employees or clients. Please contact [email protected] for an appointment.

Do I have to be 50+ to become an ambassador?

No, nor do you have to be an lhbti+ person. Of course, it is important if you have an affinity for the subject.

What exactly does it entail to be a Pink 50+ ambassador?

The Roze 50+ ambassador network is a diverse network of about 80-100 volunteers. This network is facilitated by the Pink 50+ Foundation and is the core of our work and commitment to lhbti+ seniors. The ambassadors are the "eyes and ears" of Roze 50+ and they represent the constituency of lhbti+ seniors in the Netherlands. They work on a local, regeional and national level and have a signal function when it comes to lhbti+ seniors. They represent the interests of lhbti+ 50+ with policy makers and institutions, organize activities and offer a listening ear. Would you like to be part of this network, request an information package via [email protected]

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