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Trainer on the National Information Trainer Team.

National Education Trainer Team seeks new trainers with experience on intervention development

What you will do
As a trainer, you will train beginning educators during a one-day crash course based on principles of effective education. The trainee educators will learn from you the tricks of the pedagogical-didactical trade: How do I survive a class? How do I explain a working form? How do I steer the discussion in the right direction? How do I handle difficult situations? In addition, new educators learn what principles they can apply in education to reduce prejudice against lhbti+ persons.

The trainings are held four times a year at various locations (Utrecht, Den Bosch, Zwolle) in the Netherlands. A participant group consists of 20 to 25 (starting) information workers. The training itself is a real do-training: participants practice in the form of a role-play with their own story, with working methods, with practicing effective principles to give information effectively and share and discuss difficult situations in the classroom. As a trainer, you will guide the process, provide feedback and reach out to participants from different perspectives to offer practical tools and solution approaches.
In addition, the LTV will work on developing new forms of work for basic education and the further development of education in general such as the
improvement the LTV handbook scheduled for early 2024 and further professionalization.


Are you...

  • curious about insights on effective education (e.g.: didactics
    of citizenship education, research on countering prejudice and
    discrimination, etc.);
  • Available a minimum of five Saturdays per year;
  • regularly available a weekday evening for (online) consultation;
  • Willing to travel for training and consultations?

And have you:

  • Teaching experience and/or experience training professionals;
  • extensive experience in education;
  • The ability to convey insights on pedagogy/didactics and education to novice educators;
  • up-to-date knowledge on sexual, gender, and sex diversity education;
  • MBO-4, college or wo working and thinking level;
  • a deal = deal and a hands-off mentality

What we offer

  • A fun and dynamic team;
  • Variety of work around providing and developing training;
  • space to learn from and with each other in a team of trainers;
  • an expense allowance.

We cordially invite you to apply for this position!

Selection procedure
Send your motivation and CV by e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected] by Sunday, March 31, 2024 at the latest. From the responses received, we will make a selection of candidates with whom we will conduct an online intake interview via Teams.

If we think you are perfect for this role, we will ask you to participate in a training session so that we can assess whether there is a match.
A good (basic) training is only possible if there is a good click between the trainers. We also find diversity within the group of trainers important. Therefore, we not only look at who you are and what you can do, but also at the team composition and the click with the current trainers.

About the LTV
For many years, the National Information Trainer Team (LTV) has provided basic training for information officers of COC member associations. The team is looking for two trainers to take education to the next level in the coming years. Each LTV trainer brings a different background. Currently, the LTV consists of Thymen Bergman (trajectory class teacher) and Petra Barnhoorn (elementary school teacher).