The COC provides a safe place for everyone: visitors, participants, volunteers, staff. This includes treating each other with respect, collegiality, integrity and a focus on positive, responsible cooperation. Therefore, the COC has established rules of conduct.

Yet you may experience bullying, sexual harassment, aggression or discrimination. This can be minor or major. For example: gossiping, cursing, ignoring, isolating, mocking, harassing, intimidating remarks, threats of physical violence, constant joking, ambiguous remarks, indecent proposals, special looks, unwanted touching, sexual assault or rape, violence... In short: you may feel that you are not treated well, which means that you no longer enjoy your COC activities. That's not nice!

You can turn to one of the people on the Team Confidential Advisors for support and guidance. We invite you to come and talk to one of us about it. You can tell your story and we will listen to you, so that you do not have to deal with it alone. Together we determine what possible actions you could take to reach a satisfactory solution for you. Sometimes a conversation with one of us is enough, sometimes more is needed. You are always the one who decides if and what further action is needed. You can discuss this with the confidant. What can you do yourself? Where do you need support from someone and where can the confidant help you? We are there for you!

Anything you say in a conversation with one of us is confidential, which means that the confidant will not do anything with it without your permission. Your report remains anonymous. Even within the rest of the COC. So feel free to contact us.

The team consists of:

  • Johan Baas
  • Lara de Jong
  • Fiet Meijer
  • Juan Walter
  • Chevaly Wormer
  • Maukje Munk

All are certified confidants and affiliated with the National Association of Confidants and are familiar with the culture within the COC. They have no other active role at the COC besides that of confidants.

Reporting can be done by mail to: [email protected]. Only the Confidential Advisors team has access to this mailbox.

Reporting can also be done by phone via COC : 020 62 34 596: then a message will be passed on to the team.

Or you can write to:
COC Netherlands, tav vertrouwenspersoon.
P.O. Box 3836
1001 AP Amsterdam

We have an English translation available: Code of Good Conduct

Since 2021, our certified confidants are trained to handle both sexual harassment and integrity issues. In a YouTube video of From Oss & Partners clearly explains what these roles entail. Although this is about a work situation, it also applies to the COC. Click on this link confidant.