You can receive a large part of your donation to COC Nederland back through your taxes by registering your contribution as a periodic donation. The tax authorities have made it easy for you and us, and this page tells you how.

How does it work?

  • You donate a fixed amount of at least 60 euros annually.
  • The term of your gift is a minimum of five years.
  • The gift is recorded in a written donation agreement. You can download this at the bottom of this page.
  • The form consists of two parts; please fill out both parts and send it to us.
  • We will complete the required information and then return your portion of the form to you. Please keep it safe for your own records.
  • Please also complete the PDF form "Payment Proxy" if you wish to authorize us to periodically withdraw the donation from your account.

Benefits of a periodic gift

  • You may deduct your entire gift from your taxable income each year, regardless of the amount of your gift or your income.
  • So the taxman pays a significant portion of your gift. Depending on your income, this can be as much as 52 percent.
  • You can use the tax benefit to increase your support of the COC if you wish.
  • You support us structurally in our work for the lhbti community.

More support for the same money

You can also choose to let the tax benefit benefit the COC. This way we can advocate for even more people.

Sample calculation* Ordinary donation Periodic donation
Annual contribution to COC Netherlands € 150,- € 250,-
Tax refund € 0,- € 101,-
Your annual net contribution to COC Netherlands € 150,- € 149,-
* This example assumes an income tax rate of 40.4 percent; the tax refund depends on your tax rate.

Dowload the forms

  1. Agreement periodic donation COC Netherlands
  2. Payment proxy

Send both fully completed forms (including your own copy!) in a postage-paid envelope to:

COC Netherlands
Postal number 2966
1000 RA Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not convenient for me to pay the donation at once.

You can pay your donation spread out over the year. If you prefer to pay monthly or quarterly, this is not a problem. The only condition set by the IRS is that the total amount of the donation must be paid in a calendar year. You can indicate in the form in how many installments you will pay your donation.

What happens if I die?

In case of death, the agreement between you and the COC expires. Therefore, the donation will cease at the latest upon your death. Your next of kin will not be held liable for the donation you make.

Can I pay for my COC membership this way?

The COC may not give you anything in return for the donation. The COC membership card provides free or discounted access to COC activities. For this reason, the gift cannot replace payment of dues for your COC membership.

Learn more

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or (020) 623 45 96.
For tax questions about gifting, you can also call the Tax Information Line, telephone number 0800 0543 (toll-free) or visit

COC Netherlands has the CBF seal of approval Recognized charity and is classified by the tax authorities as a Public Benefit Organization.